Wednesday, July 19, 2006

TUESDAY=PIZZA...So it was Tuesday. I get home from work and decide to take a nap...I get a call from my lil bro @about 4pm..."come pick me up my ankles locked up" OK so I get a ride to his work from my mom and drive him up to Kaiser to get his ankle checked out, since he didnt remember rolling it or anything. Now we have a history of gout in our family(read my dad does at least) so we both start joking about how much he's like our dad and that he's gonna have gout and he starts swearing about how he's only 25 and he's already starting this dumbass. So we get to Kaiser and i get to sit in the waiting room for like an hour and a half watching CNN. He comes out and guess broken bones, no Gout....the fool rolled his ankle. So anyhow we get out, call the folks and let'em know he's still breathing and head to our tuesday night dinner spot for P I Z Z A.


Quin said...

Wow, what a night. But I'm glad to read that your little brother is ok. And you got to have your PIZZA night!!

James G said...

I can't belive you posted that pic... I'll kill you :P