Friday, July 28, 2006

So if you don't know I am moving and will soon be attempting many new chores that are quite foreign to me. ie cooking, cleaning, washing I find myself browsing the web for information on stuff to give me insight. I thought that compiling a list of sites would be a good idea to help the other "domestically challenged" people like myself. I will be updating this list as I find new sites.

So you don't know what a melon should sound like when its ripe? Check here.
Tactics to grocery shopping.
Stocking a pantry for Mexican food.
How to Stock Your Pantry for Quick and Easy Meals
Cut and Organize Your Coupons
Living out of your Pantry: Meal Plans


James G said...

That is why you need a domestic partner to show you these things... if you take this the wrong way it is not my fault :P