Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Read this ad for the RDX today and it sounds like a cool solution to turbo lag. Now slap this in a sr20 and we can talk.


What can VFT do for you?


So what is a Variable Flow Turbo? One great benefit of a turbo is that it allows a smaller (read, more fuel-efficient) engine to perform like a bigger, more powerful engine. Traditionally, the biggest drawback to turbo engines has been turbo lag — the time it takes a conventional turbo to spin up to speed in order to provide the boost pressurizing the intake gasses. You would feel it as a hesitation on acceleration. The all-new, turbocharged Acura RDX addresses that problem with Acura's first Variable Flow Turbo. The VFT has a valve that narrows the Turbo's exhaust intake passage at low rpm speeding its flow and causing the turbo to spin more rapidly. At higher rpm, the valve opens and the turbo operates normally. The result? Get behind the wheel and you'll experience virtually seamless V-6-type power but your gas expenses will feel distinctly four-cylinder.