Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Ok. So I know what you're thinking this movie is the third in the line of a bunch of crappy "rice'd out" movies. And to some degree you are right, but I think that if you actually go, sit down and watch it you'd be pleasently surprised. Yes we have the obligitory hot chicks in the skimpy clothes, no more than normal mind you. The unbelievably modified/rice'd out cars are back as well, and they all seem to be sporting USDM mods for some reason(Go figure). In the first and second installment of this series cars played background to the whole undercover cop thing. In this, the third in the series, the story centers around a car/speed obsessed teen who through his "need for speed" gets banished to Tokyo. It ends up with a sort of Karate Kid/Rocky vibe. But enough about the story, the car footage is about as close to seeing an "Option"/"Best Motoring" video on the big screen as we are likely to ever get(Not saying a whole lot I know). When I first saw the previews for this one I thought it was gonna destroy drifting, but after having seen it I think that it was by far the best FF movie and a solid movie in its own right. Very entertaining all in all.


Quin said...

Yeah, I've heard good comments about the third Fast and Furious from many people already. Hmmm... should I wait for DVD to come out or just go watch it at the theater?