Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Some pics from the Aerodyne event 9/23/2007

Just some pics from the trackday. Click the pic to see the rest.


Carolina said...

All I can say is adrenaline anyone? Great view, fresh air and the need for speed. Which one were you? Definitely will blow off stress but have a hell of a great time.

Anonymous said...

Nice Pictures, Ryan! Thanks for coming out and helping us all day (and 2days straight). Your pictures looks great!! Hope to see you again in the next one in December too! (or... final around that time??)

Ryan said...

Carolina - I'm not in any of the photos cause when I got to test the course there was no one to use my camera.

Quin - This quarters final is on 12/5 so just make sure the event is after that. =)