Monday, August 13, 2007

Got no cell phone signal @home? No problem... least if you have T-bizzle. T-Mobile is offering to use your internet connection to allow you to make calls from you home with your cell phone for around $9.99 a month as of 8/9/2007. They plan to bump up the price to $19.99 eventually. Basically its a voip like service integrated into you cell. The only drawback? You have to use one of two phones that they sell. Sorry, but for me that kills it right there. =(


quin said...

Hmmm... very inetersting article. well, but I'm the same way. if I only could choose from their "2" phones to get this deal, maybe I won't go for it :p the signal is not great, but it's not too bad in my area anyways... and I love my phone!!