Thursday, June 28, 2007

How can a president promote and subvert racial integration at the same time?

Ok, so we've had the desegregation of schools in the 50s, which Bush is promoting. At the same time the conservative supreme court appointed by said president is striking down the programs originally designed to help maintain desegregation.
Until all schools are on par with each other we cannot allow any group to claim exclusive rights to local education, whether under the guise of racial segregation or equality. By removing busing programs the supreme court has essentially said that rich neighborhoods can keep exclusive control over their own schools while less affluent areas will have to make due with substandard resources. If you are mixing a cake do you force the flower to stay on one side of the bowl and the eggs to stay on the other? This ruling does nothing to deal with the issues of racial equality, but simply creates an environment conducive to economic discrimination. At best the supreme court is saying that a government has no place in integrating society, and at worst that government should only protects the rights and interests of those with economic and political affluence.


quin said...

Interesting! Sorry, I lost track of news lately, and didn't know this kind of @#%$%# was happening. So much about this bush administration nowadays... :(